A “Professional Employer Organization (PEO)” is a multi-service-providing vendor that allows companies to outsource the management of payroll/tax administration, employee benefits, workers’ comp insurance, unemployment taxes and human resources all under the roof of Southeast Texas HR.

This is possible through co-employment, which means the worksite employer (your company) and the employer of record (Southeast Texas HR) both employ your employees, and the responsibilities of employing the workforce are shared between the two. The worksite employer (your company) continues to direct employees’ day-to-day duties and activities: hiring, training, managing, firing, etc. The employer of record (Southeast Texas HR) is responsible for the back-office administrative duties such as processing payroll, administering & paying federal and state taxes on-time, managing employee benefits, handling workers comp and unemployment claims, etc.

The PEO (Southeast Texas HR) co-employs many employees through its employees with allows us and our clients to take advantage of economies of scale and the law of large numbers, which decreases risk across the entire group; thereby stabilizing, and in many cases decreasing health and workers comp insurance premiums as well as state unemployment tax rates.

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PEO with Teladoc

All PEO clients have the ability to add Teladoc for all their employees at a discounted rate.



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  • Relieves pressure and stress

    Using a PEO takes a lot of the pressure and stress off of the business owner concerning HR functions that can be outsourced. It allows the business owner to focus on the key business functions and worry less about administrative burdens.

  • Provides flexibility and ease

    Once a PEO has functions and services in place, it makes it easy for business owners to add, delete, or edit employees and/or functions.

  • Streamlines operations

    A PEO can handle small to large functions and can help streamline an array of operations allowing the business owner to focus on the principles of the business.

  • Competitive benefits

    Using a PEO allows them to compile their employees together to obtain competitive benefits packages to rival those offered by larger companies.



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